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Companies continually seek to streamline their operations and cut costs wherever and whenever possible. With this emphasis on efficiency, many businesses are now seeking to insource most of their legal needs and decrease their reliance on traditional law firms and their high hourly rates. That being said, the level of experience and responsibility of a general counsel requires executive-level compensation and benefits as well as a budget for support staff, technology, and other resources. Accordingly, insourcing legal needs is not always practical for businesses that have neither the capital nor the work load to justify the cost and commitment of an in-house legal department.

Enter Outsourced General Counsel, an affordable middle ground for businesses looking for experienced in-house legal counsel without the sizable overhead associated with hiring a full-time general counsel. Outsourced General Counsel not only has a business-centric, practical, and technology-driven approach to legal services and problem solving, but also practices across many industries and businesses and sees a wide range of situations and solutions, which enables us to draw on that knowledge and constant experience to offer a wider range of options and ideas.

In addition to serving as part-time general counsel for clients, Outsourced General Counsel is also a staffing solution for in-house legal departments. Whenever a special project, employee leave of absence, or organizational growth stretches an in-house legal team too thin and negatively impacts its ability to provide timely and actionable support to the business, Outsourced General Counsel is here to help. With our substantial and diverse in-house counsel experience, Outsourced General Counsel can provide an immediate impact and work seamlessly with an in-house legal department and its business partners to address the company’s most pressing and critical legal issues.

At the heart of Outsourced General Counsel is a focus on creating long-term relationships with clients and using its knowledge of their business to manage risk and identify opportunities for growth. This dedication to understanding the client, its business operations, and its overall strategy enables Outsourced General Counsel to better anticipate and handle the legal issues associated with business decisions before they become a major cost and distraction to the company.


Ben Habegger, the founder and owner of Outsourced General Counsel, is a strategic and innovative corporate attorney with almost twenty years’ experience developing and implementing practical solutions and risk mitigation strategies for complex business and legal issues. He previously served as in-house legal counsel for eleven years, first at a manufacturing and distribution unit of a global Fortune 50 conglomerate and then at a local, privately held regional retailer. His ability to interact effectively at all levels of an organization as well as balance the need to be self-assured, persuasive, effective, and communicate with appropriate humility and respect make him well-suited for his role with Outsourced General Counsel.

Ben firmly believes that legal counsel’s primary role is to understand and support the business goals and objectives of its clients, which is not attained by simply summarizing the legal implications of any particular plan or project, but rather by identifying and simplifying the risks and benefits of all available options and assisting the management team in selecting the best course of action based on the company’s objectives and risk tolerance.

His focus, attention to detail, patience, listening and problem-solving skills, interest in understanding all facets of a business, and prioritization of conflicting projects play an important role in the services he provides to clients. On a more personal level, Ben is determined, driven, adaptable, progressive, independent, compassionate, confident, and loyal. He looks to assist clients in any way possible and is always open to the feedback and collaboration of others. Although Ben strives to be pleasant and cordial to all and be an optimistic and uplifting force for clients, he also understands his role and responsibilities. He has no problem voicing his opinion or standing up to others when he feels strong about a position or best practices.

Originally from Berne, Indiana, Ben has resided in Indianapolis, Indiana for the past twenty years and is married with three children. He enjoys spending time with family, yard work, walking the dog, and riding bike.

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