How does Outsourced General Counsel differ from traditional law firms?

Outsourced General Counsel is the progressive alternative to traditional law firms. Rather than maintain expensive office space, employ a large support staff, and spend extravagant amounts to wine and dine prospective clients, all of which increase overhead and the rate of legal fees ultimately charged to clients, Outsourced General Counsel maintains a virtual office, is available as needed by phone, video conference, web meeting, or to meet at its clients’ place of business, and focuses on the management and development of its existing clients. Not only is the standard hourly rates of Outsourced General Counsel about half of traditional law firms, but we also provide pragmatic and quality legal services from an attorney who has served as in-house legal counsel for both public and privately held businesses, has hands-on business experience as part of a management team, and will quickly develop a knowledge and understanding of your business.


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