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Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s businesses face an extremely competitive landscape, but opportunities for growth are always available. Well-managed companies can achieve their goals for strategic development and Outsourced General Counsel can help by providing reliable, experienced, and focused legal counsel, managing risk, and reallocating resources for growth. If your company is searching for proactive and progressive legal solutions and has questions regarding the right law firm for the job, review this list of FAQ to see if Outsourced General Counsel might be a good fit for your business.


    An outsourced (or outside) general counsel is an attorney offering part-time, on-demand legal services to the business without the expense of employing a full-time general counsel. Similar to an in-house legal counsel, Outsourced General Counsel can perform a wide range of legal work for a company based on the client’s direction. Many businesses have legal issues that require attention but refrain from seeking legal advice due to the high and unpredictable legal fees of traditional law firms. Outsourced General Counsel provides an alternative to both in-house legal counsel and traditional law firms that enable business owners to easily access legal services at a reasonable rate and ensure that today’s business decisions don’t create unexpected legal difficulties in the future.

  • How can legal services from Outsourced General Counsel help my business?

    Outsourced General Counsel can provide a reduction in your business’ legal costs with an increase in the efficiency and quality of the services you receive. Our method of practicing law is proactive, not reactive, with a focus on avoiding unnecessary legal issues or mitigating them to an acceptable level of risk. Because you spend less resources on damage control and conflict resolution, you’ll be able to direct more time and capital into strategically growing your business

  • What is the scope of Outsourced General Counsel’s legal services?

    Our services are comprehensive, with a focus on problem solving, long-term relationships, and growth. From the onset, Outsourced General Counsel is prepared to review your company’s agreements and operational documents and meet with the management team to understand it’s strengths, areas for improvement, strategy, and risk tolerance. We can then work with you to develop an overall legal plan to capitalize on growth opportunities while mitigating risk. As legal issues arise, Outsourced General Counsel is prepared to take decisive steps consistent with the company’s strategy and direction to minimize disruptions as quickly and cost-effective as possible.

    In the event your business is faced with a legal matter that Outsourced General Counsel isn’t the best option to handle directly, we’ll engage like-minded, entrepreneurial, and business focused attorneys specializing in the particular practice area at issue to address the matter and Outsourced General Counsel will manage all work performed for your company by other attorneys.

  • How does Outsourced General Counsel differ from traditional law firms?

    Outsourced General Counsel is the progressive alternative to traditional law firms. Rather than maintain expensive office space, employ a large support staff, and spend extravagant amounts to wine and dine prospective clients, all of which increase overhead and the rate of legal fees ultimately charged to clients, Outsourced General Counsel maintains a virtual office, is available as needed by phone, video conference, web meeting, or to meet at its clients’ place of business, and focuses on the management and development of its existing clients. Not only is the standard hourly rates of Outsourced General Counsel about half of traditional law firms, but we also provide pragmatic and quality legal services from an attorney who has served as in-house legal counsel for both public and privately held businesses, has hands-on business experience as part of a management team, and will quickly develop a knowledge and understanding of your business.

  • How do I pay you for your services?

    You are billed monthly based on your selected fee plan: Hourly, Monthly Fee Plan (Essential, Core, or Advantage), General Counsel for a Day Plan, or Project Specific Flat Rate Plan. The prices listed do not include applicable taxes and expenses paid on your behalf. However, we are committed to providing affordable and transparent legal services, so we do not charge for the following:

    • Photocopying, Printing, and Scanning
    • Travel within Marion County, Indiana and surrounding counties
    • Travel within Indiana associated the General Counsel for a Day Plan
    • Long distance telephone calls
  • Will I get charged for fees without my prior knowledge or consent?

    Absolutely not. Once you have assigned us a legal task, we will give you an estimate of the required hours for completion and continually communicate project status and any change in scope and estimated cost to allow you to understand and budget for your legal spend.

  • What is the benefit of a Monthly Fee Plan?

    Businesses without in-house legal counsel often hesitate to seek help from traditional law firms due to the high and unpredictable costs of their services. As a law firm with significant in-house legal counsel experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Outsourced General Counsel understands how timely and strategic legal advice can help you make the right business decisions. The Monthly Fee Plans (Essential, Core, and Advantage) allow you to retain experienced legal counsel on a monthly budget without the cost of full-time in house legal counsel.

  • What if I have hours left over in my Monthly Fee Plan?

    Because your legal needs may fluctuate from month to month, we include a rollover feature in most Monthly Fee Plans that allows a predetermined amount of unused hours to be transferred to the next month.

  • What is the best way to contact Outsourced General Counsel if I’m interested in learning more?

    Outsourced General Counsel offers prospective clients a free 30-minute initial consultation. During this call, we’d like to understand your business, explain our practical approach to legal services, and determine how we can support your company. Just click on the “Schedule a Call” button below and select a date and time that works best for you and Outsourced General Counsel will call you then.


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