Establish an Efficient and Effective Contract Management Process.


Regardless of the size of your business, well drafted and negotiated contracts are fundamental to long-term success.  Due to limited resources and conflicting priorities, the contracting process can often be overlooked or viewed as sufficiently managed.  Unfortunately, it only takes one time-consuming or forecast-altering contract dispute to change that position going forward.

At Outsourced General Counsel, our focus is understanding your company’s business needs and risk tolerance to establish a contracting process that enables you to attain your operational and financial objectives while providing the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes.

In addition to drafting, reviewing and revising, and negotiating general commercial and corporate contracts and transactions on behalf of your company, Outsourced General Counsel can also implement a contract management process to create an effective and efficient business relationship with your company’s suppliers, customers, and contractors for a wide range of contracts, including:

  • Distribution
  • Direct Sale
  • Supply
  • Marketing
  • Leases
  • Stock/Asset Purchase
  • Services
  • Technology

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