Minimize Liability While Achieving Business Goals.

Strategic and Business Planning

When desired, Outsourced General Counsel is prepared to take a proactive advising role in your company’s strategic initiatives and future business plans.  Years of in-house legal counsel experience and a strong, pragmatic business acumen, always mindful of the business consequences of legal advice, allows Outsourced General Counsel to seek and provide alternative solutions to minimize liability while achieving business goals.

Outsourced General Counsel combines management and operational experience, a broad legal skill set, and the ability to align legal thinking with management perspective while considering the corporate bottom line to provide the following strategic and business planning services:

  • Serve as a Trusted Legal Advisor and Problem Solver
  • Identify and Address Legal Issues Upfront
  • Understand Legal Impact to Bottom-Line
  • Focus on Overall Business Metrics, Not Just Legal Matters

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